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DDS Metals sponsor Newcastle University’s star student

Callum Caplan

DDS Metals sponsor Newcastle University’s star student for his final year Fine Arts project.

Callum Caplan is in his final year studying Fine Art at Newcastle University. DDS Metals have chosen to sponsor his final major work; which will be shown at Newcastle University from 2nd-16th June 2017 and at Huxton Arches, London from 20th-25th June 2017. Callum is currently an artist in residence at The Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondria Research and a finalist for Gillian Dickenson’s Sculptor of the Year Award and Plymouth Contemporaries.

Callum’s final major project is concerned with the production lines of food and energy manufacturing. Primarily exploring the confinements of the domestic space, he is reimagining familiar architectural structures. Whilst combining a multitude of artistic concepts, Callum’s work strives to represent a probable solution to the current climate of food production. His final piece will be a compact house on wheels, which will be transported on the back of a bicycle. The framework of the house will be constructed out of aluminium rodding. The aluminium structure will support rows of hanging food and medicinal plants. The plants will be kept alive by rain water filtered by a sand and charcoal water filter attached to the roof. This design accommodates for all the fundamental requirements of humanity; food, shelter and water.

Below are a few images of Callum’s past work.

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